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Is a Short Sale Right for You?

  • Are You Being Threatened with Foreclosure?   Is a Short Sale the Answer?
  • Hard hit by the recession and high mortgage payments?
  • Is your lender threatening Foreclosure?
  • Are you embarrassed by the threat of continuing credit problems?
  • Don’t know where to turn?
  • Your lender making you crazy with promises to help then doing nothing about your loan?

Let’s talk about whether a Short Sale is the answer for your particular circumstances.  I work directly with your mortgage company to avoid foreclosure starting with handling all the contacts with the bank/mortgage company/holding company, managing the mounds of paperwork, etc. that you find so very frustrating, and by doing this, help you avoid Foreclosure.

In a Lender Approved Short Sale, the mortgage company normally pays all the sales costs including commissions, escrow and title fees, etc.  That means that you are able to get your home sold, your loan paid off and avoid Foreclosure leaving you free to start over.

A Short Sale of a home is where you owe more than the current value of the home.  An example would be:

  • You purchased your home for $300,000
  • You got a loan for $240,000
  • The homes just like yours are now selling for $150,000
  • That means you owe $90,000 more than your house would sell for if it was in perfect condition and you could find a buyer

So if you were to try and sell now, you would have to come up with the difference between the selling price which would be $150,000 and the money you owe the mortgage company ($240,000) plus all the closing costs, commissions, and any repairs needed on the home. 

How difficult would it be to get the $90,000 plus all the other costs of selling your home?

Completing Short Sales is one of my specialties.  Each Short Sale is different – the mortgage companies all have their own way of doing things. It can be exasperating!  Put my experience and expertise to work for you and get rid of the tension and anxiety that is being caused by all the pressure of your unpaid mortgage.


Need answers fast?   24 Hour recorded message gives details at (866) 866-6662 ext 5555.  During the recording you can press "O" for immediate help, or leave a detailed request for your specific needs.

REMEMBER, you can't bring me a problem that I haven’t solved before --- this is not the first time since I started in real estate in 1977 that Short Sales have been a very large part of the homes for sale.  Click HERE to see Short Sales in our area.


The process is really very simple. You start by filling out the form below with the very basic information. I will provide a FREE, Professional and Valuable Consultation. After the consultation, if wish to use my Free Services, you will be asked for any helpful details regarding your financial situation. Then, you can sit back, relax and let me go to work. My goal is to make this as easy for you as possible.  I have successfully closed Short Sales before, I am closing Short Sales now and I will close your Short Sale for you!

RECEIVE ALL THE DIRECT INFORMATION NECESSARY TO MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION! There is NO OBLIGATION. I keep your information 100% private and confidential. There is no credit check and no social security number required.


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What experience have you had with Short Sales?
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